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riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊

holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。




a determined mind. 盲言之芒岩 under God's shine after broke heart for a girl collegian,devote reclaim my vested kingdom China from my ancestor with glory be21zh.org blog.benzrad.us bbs.zhuson.com m.zhone.mobi co.faezrland.co in.agarten.in t.dabbog.com o.zho.io


near finished, 2012.  

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all about spouse dream. ^ yesterday I had good time with my son, after broke by his sinister mother so long. we lunched together, and showered, too. I recently introduced son my love story with Asoh Yukiko, back to 1999 in Nankai Univ, and her motherhood to him. my son listened carefully. in dawn dreamed cozily. in a piece with my Nankai Univ alumni, esp. Chenfeng, a guy from Huan Prov, southern China. he with his spouse, an alumni of Nankai 2 years later than us in same school of philosophy. they treated me well and I likely saw my future wife among people in the party. then dream of some guy from QRRS, where when we lived in QRRS' dorms we got familiar. Yushunde, likely so called a gentle young man, also kindly introduced me to their party. and finally I was in a school with a girl classmate, she asked my help to make note with teacher's lecture. the later teaching how to use "look into something in team", or so. my cordiality likely won the girl's heart, at least I felt love between us which is a kind of emotion long time no see in my waiting for reuniting my girls, girl LV, Asoh Yukiki, girl Zhou, my Taiwan girl, for my Royal China. God, this morning I woke up earlier, pl see my girls my concerning, my praying every moment to join them. God, thx for son's new kindle paperwhite, for which we want so long and gained it so quick. thx, God dad. 


odd dreamed of campus friend. ^ this dawn I had a long dream, in which first time one of my best friend in youth appeared. He is Qiu Xiaolin, now a literature professor in Shichuan Univ. likely at first we gossiped as usual. then my nail clipper infected with virus. i brought it to visit Qiu in campus dorm. the virus on the clipper turns huge and dangerous, like eating flesh. then dreamed among air combat teams we piloted jets and enjoy raids. this week I too busy with setup my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's 3rd domain, woz.fm, and never buzzed him. his mom, disabled mentally like her body size, jealous freakishly upon my son's good time with me in video games, so now more and more deprive my son from computer, including surfing online. this week my son likley banned from going online. the dirty bitch really go mad. God, save us good time in video game, free my son of anxious &burden of Chinese education, esp in PRC, which draining and killer of originality and curiosity. God, bring me sooner my Royal China to home my sons, esp God himself, warrenzh 朱楚甲Hope of ChinaGod of Universe


dreamed of local mafia.^ yesterday when i ate lunch before showering with son, in the restuarant we frequented a table occupied by 3 males likely gangsters, around the other table a team gossiped about mafia in Qiqihar. I had good time when dining there, for son enjoyed the feature dish, souped dumplings. in public bathroom, i felt faint after a sudden stand up when crouched to bath my son. this dawn I dreamed my son outperformed in family gathering. his mom and me, his proud dad, felt so glorious being his parents. in guests, likely mafia appeared. at least in half consciousness I reviewed a mafia stemmed from QRRS, where I still paid and lived. It shallowly snowed last night, God, clear world of Royal China never arguable. God, thx the gift, son's new kinder paperwhite, in year end. bring me sooner my Royal China, esp. my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, and allow us 2 additional sons in our prime time. 


dreamed of competing.^ son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, due to complete his frequent heat treatment yesterday. I didn't visit him the day, but busy claiming him new domain online, as a promised wishlist. recently many dreams scattered when i got up. but this late dawn I had something notable. I dreamed with my passed mother, and my son's mother, accompanied son in competing social circle or career avenue. my childhood friend in my hometown village, Zhudajiu, with whome last year I found deep hatred after a heartedly chat online, my cousin there who works in bureaucracy in bloody hatred, and some other challenges all stemmed from jealousy. now Its a sunny morning, after bright new half moon night. the seasonal gift, a kindle paperwhite, cheered us so much! my son brought it everywhere like what I encouraged him. God, u see our thanksgiving, we obliged to u so much. God, free me of anxious about my entrepreneurship, esp in broadening family cyberspace. God, bring me sooner my Royal China, bring me my crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, to setup my new fmaily sooner, for her due motherhood with warrenzh. God, see me my prayer! 


a week in moving.^ this week almost all spent accompanying my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, in hospital, where his heat after skating in a snowing day treated. my son finally ordered a Kindle paperwhite ebook reader aid by my Nankai alumni, thx God. so good so far. in the hospital in-patient department, i tried all means to help my son being busy or meaningful, likely playing video games, ate KFC i bought, massage and lots of chatting. in Tuesday night i buzzed to curse his mom for again let my son x-rayed, after read a tweet online that x-ray photography harmful to kids and shouldn't be used as regular diagnosis method while in corrupting PRC its widely adopted. this dawn i dreamed a lot, my son appears and so concerned in my heart in dream and in recent dreams. Its a promising sunny morning, God, dad, thx for the blessing week aside my dearest son. thx for gifts in the gift season. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow me home my son, God on earth now! 


dreamed of my passed parents. ^recent water heat in QRRS Dorms, esp in night, frequently chill me to woke up. last night a Taiwan love TV show again concerned me lingering in front of screen lately near 1am. this afternoon i dozed, and dreamed of my grand dad, God in Heaven now, and my mother, my aunt's husband. both men cordially while my mother first encouraged my hobby of carrying a camera everywhere, but later anxious about photographer's life's impact on me. then in half-consciousness the story of the Taiwan TV drama interacts with me. God, blessing me anxious free about my aging and future family life. grant us season gifts and fulfill us hopes in surprise. God, dad, thx for the warmth when i napped. 

near finished, 2012. - benzillar╋天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
near finished, 2012. - benzillar╋天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
From 2012 on the way to rejoin
near finished, 2012. - benzillar╋天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
From 2012 on the way to rejoin

near finished, 2012. - benzillar╋天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
Qiqihar railway station sqaure in 4th snow in 2012, from streetveiw when benzrad 朱子卓 routed to visit his son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, after his freqented heat treatment. signed is the father's love against son's mom's dirty family.
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