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riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊

holy stream floats my palace. 神泉扶明宫。




a night and bliss of snowing.

2015-12-15 10:12:36 阅读87 评论0 152015/12 Dec15

15/12/2015 1st post on my new intel nuc. recent bare expectations almost all settled, after relentless checking package status from website and dorm reception desk. last Sunday my shower water a bit cool and almost let me get cold. So I decided change my old woolen sweater after a sweating night and restored health. the new clothes were bought from amazon after my wrest too painful to stand straight and doubting what’s wrong with me or my clothes. new under clothes very fit and functional, even thin as it is. my nephew, who operates a clothing shop at taobao.com, sent me some clothes, but the parcel was cut half a large opening when it arrives me, no

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that's shiny.

2015-9-18 8:31:16 阅读76 评论0 182015/09 Sept18

18/9/2015 woz's first smartphone, a nexus 6. first dreamt passed Nankai Univ alumni, Xiao Jindong, the only one committed suicide after failed to find himself social position after returned to his parents' house, working together with me in factory. he fixed machine while I assisted. then I lead to play video game in the factory. soon Wang Sichong, son of Chinese billionaire and web celebrety, lead several teenage join us. he has his own set of vr and played so immersed among the factory with his pals. but when I ready to leave with my chromebook, he asked to buy my game gear, no matter how much I charge him. I woke up with pride of my chromebook

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being a new season.

2015-5-13 9:03:41 阅读86 评论0 132015/05 May13

13/5/2015 dreamt of academic nightmare.::in dream my passed mother encouraged me to join campus even I had definitely lost chance to gain my diploma. I talked with a young professor on way to classroom, saw my classmates there, and our mentor woman, Yangkexin, both far from me. I just so single among them, spending time aimless and futile just for forgetting the sad end. the late spring drizzle last more than 4 days. its so rare in Qiqihar, northeastern China. my towel in dorm even can't dry itself. yesterday I added my google adsense code to my 3 new dynamic sites powered by google cloud engine to allow advertisement which can bring me shared income

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gateway in northern above tunnel.

2015-4-20 8:43:11 阅读87 评论0 202015/04 Apr20

20/4/2015 a strange hometown dream.:: in the dream I saw a pal, whose mother is a dumb and died early when he in teenager. the pal just broke his marriage and his wife was invited by my 2nd elder brother to dine together and discuss saving the marriage, for my old family is the leading family on genealogy tree in the village, as my elder brother told me in dream. the wife found was the daughter of another guy just near the pal's house. the guy has a female name, 4th sister ( Simei in Chinese). I also ate dinner among the family. I discussed philosophy with the sorry wife, who is a bishop in local church. she didn't has a accurate interest in the

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morning sunshine breezes.

2015-3-26 9:32:39 阅读123 评论0 262015/03 Mar26

26/3/2015 dreamt of flying.::these 2 weeks in turbulence. I moved to new apartment, in QRRS Dorm 1st. at first I thought I was chosen only for improving environment, which neat but insufficient heat let it cold. then next few days almost all the dorm 3rd residents moved here. the criminals tentatively don't flush toilet and bully again bring brutality and tensions here: frequent noises, savagery attitude in common bathroom. my neighbor room is the toilet, half built a shelter occupied by cleaner who is a fat woman and stupid peeking young men's private life for her emptiness. the facing door resides a man with bone problem which let him can't

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ancient golden tree.

2015-2-25 8:27:48 阅读148 评论0 252015/02 Feb25

25/2/2015 call it a spring festival.:: this blog is for passed lunar spring festival. so many hopes fulfilled, while still so many uncertainty drives me restless. we thankful for God's mercy, and looking breaking through barriers more gracefully. I seemingly more and more see my future new family, my children to descend.this dawn I dreamed with my old family, my sister and brothers. I dreamt masturbated 4 times and anxious how to get rid of evidence. I dreamt of my cousins, ie sons of my only aunt. later dreamt my dad's eldest brother brought his grandson visited us. I help the infant find his billiard back but he almost risking putting in his

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relievable barrier of disown.

2015-1-10 16:10:52 阅读128 评论0 102015/01 Jan10

10/1/2015enjoy free web.:: these days just settled vpn and surf in boundless. I intended to prepare my son his now payment online tool, enrich his vision of cyberscape. but paypal doesn't allow he using my bank account, insists card/bank account owner must identical with its account. that failed so many tries, led me searching out the web for several days. later I realized my son unable to be facilitated on web his own financial tools before he grows up. so I finally resorted to ask my kid brother to deposit some cash in my son's paypal from his business account's balance. he helped me near 10pm. in gratitude I talked about my view upon my debt

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